IRS Jeopardizing Taxpayer Representation. Practitioner Call to Action!

In my recent blog posting,  I advised how the IRS was now requiring tax practitioners to provide their personal social security number and date of birth when representing a taxpayer. This is being done under the false and fabricated pretext of “security”.  My prior posting is here .  I had written the National Taxpayer Advocates office about this issue.

As of last week (ending February 2, 2018) the Taxpayer Advocate’s Office called me regarding this matter.  The Analyst advised me that a Team had been set up to review this particular issue and that a considerable number of tax practitioners had contacted the Taxpayer Advocate concerning this.  The Analyst also informed me that some practitioners were even being asked to  provide the name of their spouse.

It is urged that tax practitioners immediately contact the Taxpayer Advocate about this invasive and abusive new procedure and request that it be immediately stopped.  Request that a Taxpayer Assistance Order be issued.

Also, contact your representative in Congress.

Contact:  Mr. Shepard , Taxpayer Advocate Analyst

Telephone:  206-946-3007

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